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Chrome Plating Kit-Plate Copper, Nickel, Near Chrome-special pricing for past customers.

TITLE: -Near Chrome Plating Kit

Near Chrome Plating Kit

chrome plating

  • LIST PRICE: $80.00 + $12 S/H Plate on steel, copper-based metals with copper, nickel, near chrome. Simulated chrome is a mix of nickel and cobalt and other chemicals. The cobalt imparts a blueish tint as well as hardness, and avoids the extreme toxicity of chromium trioxide which carries prohibitive haz mat fees for shipping. See picture below. The nickel chemical and near chrome also contain brighteners which allows for quick buffing up to a nice shine. This kit includes 2 dry ounces of nickel chemicals and 2 dry ounces of near chrome chemicals and 3 dry ounces of copper chemical. Add 1-2 cups water in each vat (supplied). Also includes a 6 volt battery, 3 plastic vats, instructional 60 min. DVD, the 70 pg. book "Hobbyist Electroplating Made Easy", quick set-up sheet, wires, alligator clips, MSDS, anodes.


    For checks: Send payment to: University Publishing House, PO Box 1664, Mannford, OK 74044.