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TITLE: The Electroplater's Handbook- 3 day special! Get paperback or save money and time with an instant download!

electroplaters handbook
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  • AUTHOR: James H. Weston
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  • PAGES: 110

  • This is a 110 illustrated page book written in 1915 by an electroplating expert.Electroplating was well developed by 1915. In our opinions, one of the best plating books every written, and because it was written in 1915, it instructs in understandable language and provides much data on how to make the equipment yourself. It also instructs how to mix up the chemicals for the plating baths. The author gives hands on information not found anywhere else. Topics include: Electricity rules and formulas, batteries, plating with batteries and generators, elecroplating materials, cleaning the work, dips and dipping, electroless nickel, stripping, plating nickel, plating silver, plating gold, plating copper, plating zinc, tin, iron, and platinum, plating with alloys (e.g.,brass), cold galvanizing and galvanoplasty, barrel plating, useful tips. Book is beautifully restored. Some info is dated such as making your own batteries, and using mercury to quicken solutions. Some chemicals use the old names and you may need to Google to find the modern day equivalent. Lots of how to pictures, formulas and charts showing metal deposition times and more. Get this book now!

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