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EZ Nickel plating kit- Special offer for past customers! Only $20 + $5.50 s/h

Complete kit $25.50

For checks: Send payment to: University Publishing House, PO Box 1664, Mannford, OK 74044.

  • The kit comes with Our best selling plating book, Hobbyist Electroplating Made Easy. This is a 70 page book It teaches the process of plating chrome, nickel, and gold on small objects, using homemade equipment that will only cost a few dollars. It has hard to find plating bath formulas. Describes metal preparation for plating. It does not assume prior knowledge and the entire electroplating process is demonstrated so anyone can follow and understand. Also gives formulas for plating zinc, brass, silver, copper, and protective coatings, in addition to chrome, nickel, and gold.Get plating right away! With the book, you get 2+ ounces nickel plating chemicals, dry weight, plus a nickel anode, 99% pure nickel!

    We give you the stuff that is hard to find or expensive at a very affordable price, and you can plate items immediately, or use it as an instructional kit to see if you want to take plating further. You can supply the battery and wires/clips yourself and save lots of money! Add warm, distilled water to the nickel chemical, and you are ready to plate! Why buy the liquid solution from others that is mostly water? We tell you what is in it! Quick instructions included, or read the book first. Cheapest price for instructions/chemicals anywhere in the world! The vat in the photo is for demo purposes only and does not come with the kit. Get your own vats at Wal Mart.

    If you already have the book, Hobbyist Electroplating Made Easy, tell us and we will substitute the book, Electroplating, written by Popular Mechanics. It is a 100 page book written about 1920 that discusses electoplating equipment, (that you can build yourself) cleaning, copper, nickel, silver, and gold plating, very understandable. Shown below is a sample page.

    If you already have the book, Hobbyist Electroplating Made Easy, you can contact us at to ask us to swap the book, Hobbyist Electroplating Made Easy with, Electroplating. If you ask us to swap books the price will be the same.

    Sorry, We cannot ship the kit overseas or to Canada

    If you just want to buy the book, Electroplating, click on the button below. Only $10 including shipping. If you live in Canada or overseas, you can order the book-- please click on the Foreign Surcharge button below, (below the pictures) that adds $6.00 to the price for shipping.

    Electroplating Book for $10


    plating kit

    Pop Mech book

    Foreign surcharge-$6.00