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Electroless Zinc Plating Kit

TITLE: Electroless Zinc Plating Kit + Pop Mech Book

  • Four fluid ounces of solution. Ready to use, concentrated zinc plating solution. Please add an additional bottle of distilled water. High zinc content. Easy to use. Does not require electricity! (the bath generates its own). Great for zinc plating small articles such as nuts and bolts. Works on steel only. Great for rustproofing! Shiny also if you buff!
    You get: 4 fluid ounces of zinc solution (eight after you add distilled water), a plastic vat, cathode bus bar, copper stringing wire, lead anode, clips, instructions, the 1920 100 page Popular Mechanic book, "Electroplating" for general reference, and an instruction sheet.

    Only $28.00 and free shipping. Ships ORM-D parcel post. Questions?:

    zinc plating

    zinc plating