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How To Repair Worn Parts Kit by Plating

TITLE: Kit-How To Repair Worn Parts by Plating

  • This is a kit that includes a 45 minute DVD, chemicals, and paraphenalia to repair worn parts by building them up with copper and/or nickel. Used heavily in industry to repair worn or mismachined parts, this kit gives you the info and supplies you need to restore those worn bushings, bolt flats, bearing shafts, etc. In World War 1, The British used plating to repair the crankshaft journals on their airplanes and get them back into action fast. This process is sometimes called "cold welding". Showws you how to evenly plate inside of bushings, where the wear is, how to mask areas that should not get a plate, how to alternately apply nickel and copper, how to build up worn areas, how to measure progress both visually and with a micrometer. This is an exclusive offer for past customers only! Newly released and One of a kind!

    The photo is for illustrative purposes only. You get a 45 minute DVD, 2 dry ounces nickel chemical, 2 dry ounces copper chemical, a nickel anode, copper anode, alligator clips, wire, 3 volt battery pack. You supply your own plastic vats as pictured; also your own 6 volt battery if desired to save on shipping costs.

    Only $40.00 + $5.50 USPS priority shipping! Questions?: